Turkish Wool Rug

Turkish wool rugs are made all around Turkey with their specific designs and motifs.Silk and wool on cotton rugs are found only in special areas.
Some famous wool carpets are Milas, Yahyalı, Yağcıbedir, Döşemealtı , Kars, Kazak, Taşpınar and Yörük names by region.

Since wool carpets are made in primitive village houses or in tribal tents, sizes are smaller than other combinations.Widths of the carpets are mostly limited than lengths, because of wooden looms.

All three parts of Turkish wool carpets like warp,weft and pile are from pure wool.Differences in climate and flora effects the quality of wool.So that rugs made in various regions of the country showing different types of weaving.

Lamb wool from the east part of Turkey is thicker because of cold climate, so that rugs made by this is thicker.Rugs made in west coast of Turkey are thinner and finer.Wool is thinner, and fine because of warmer climate.

Average wool rugs have 60 to 130 knots per square inch KPSI
The purchaser does not notice at first to this fact actually.Colors and designs are most important first. Impression of wonderful color harmony makes people to ask this question:what kind of illustrations weaving ladies try to explain with these colors and harmony.

Wool on wool carpets are highly decorative and according to their flexible and small sizes can be used in kitchens, bedrooms everywhere at home, as well as wall hangings.

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