A Complete Guide to Oriental Rugs

How do you Buy Oriental Rugs? How do you asses a rug’s quality and suitability? How do you recognize by design and country of origin? Where do you buy? And most importantly What do you pay? How to compress pdf file for free?

In this website you will find answers to these questions and lots of other useful information, tips, and…

-Determining whether a rug is handmade or not

-Determining whether a rug has been altered in anyway

-Evaluating an oriental carpet by knots, materials, design, color,
age and condition

-Determining whether the retail price is a fair one

-Evaluating which size is the best fit for your home decoration

-Selling and making profit

Moreover, within these full of information you will also get ideas about precious antique collections, meanings of patterns, cleaning strategies and techniques…

All these knowledge is enough? perhaps not, because you won’t buy a rug that doesn’t affect you or you do not purchase just for the quality or value!!

Most importantly you should love that rug…
before buying as uniquely as yours.

Here You can seach our website to find what you are looking for about oriental rugs.

Table of Contents

Ask The Connoisseur
Ask The Connoisseur what you wonder about oriental rugs and carpets.

Persian Rugs, A Buyer’s Guide to Persian Carpets
Evaluating Oriental Persian Rugs is not a hard staff, The Connoisseur’s Useful Tips will help you to Determine and Understand which one is best for you.

Persian Rug Care, A Buyer’s Guide
Collector explains important points for Persian Rug Care, you can find Steps,Tips and Warnings

Persian Rug Value, A Buyer’s Guide
Persian Rug Value is timeless works of art that exude Beauty, Elegance and Quality. Connoisseur explains, Why Persian Rugs are so valuable..?

Kayseri Silk Carpets, A Buyer’s Guide
Kayseri, capital of Cappadocia is one of the most famous carpet manufacturing centers of Turkey.Kayseri Silk Carpets are the finest of all silk carpets.

Oushak Rug, A Buyer’s Guide
Unlike most Turkish rugs, Oushak rug is most definitely Persian influenced.

Silk Persian Rugs, A Buyer’s Guide
Learn usefull information about silk persian rugs, a great education center for you.

Persian Rug Patterns, A Buyer’s Guide
By Learning the meanings of persian rug patterns, you will be able to read a rug and understand what the weaver tells us.

Persian Prayer Rug, A Buyer’s Guide
Ideas about Persian prayer rug, collector try to be your guide in islamic perspective

History Of Persian Rug, The Connessiour’s Guide
History Of Persian Rug, They are beautiful! They are alluring!

Cleaning Persian Rugs, A Buyer’s Guide
Steps for Cleaning Persian Rugs, Do you need to clean your Persian Rug, Ninety percent of all spills can be removed without staining your carpet

Turkish Rugs, A Buyer’s Guide to Fine Carpets
Some of the Oriental Rugs sellers offer pretty scary prices.If you want to learn useful tips to buy Turkish Rugs.Here are the best ones …

Turkish Kilim Rug, A Buyer’s Guide
Turkish kilim rug, which are more like tapestries – soft and thin and used as sofa covers or wall hangings – are also increasingly in demand.Here are Turkish kilims by region.

Hereke Silk Rugs, A Buyer’s Guide to Finest Carpets in the world
For those who have everything! Looking something for special? It is a Hereke pure silk rug. Hereke Silk rugs considered as fine art.

Round Persian Rug, The Connessiour’s Guide
collector shows you some round persian rug, and some information about it

Persian Rug Pad, A Buyer’s Guide
How do you buy persian rug pad, How do you install rug pads, collector explains step by step

Silk Turkish Rugs, A Buyer’s Guide
Learn fascinating facts about Silk Turkish Rugs.why they are popular?

Oriental Rug Care, A Buyer’s Guide
You can find all the damages for your Oriental Rug Care, and how to prevent from them

Chinese Silk Rugs, The Conneissour’s Guide
From hometown of the silk, Here is information about chinese silk rugs and carpets

Antique Oriental Rug , A Buyer’s Guide to Antique Carpets
Handmade Antique rugs and carpets, Evaluating values of antique oriental rug, and useful buying tips

Antique Persian Rug, A Buyer’s Guide
Antique Persian rug is an essential part of Persian art and culture.

Antique Caucasian Rug, A Buyer’s Guide
Antique Caucasian Rug, which are so rare and hard to find

Antique Chinese Rug, A Buyer’s Guide
Antique Chinese rug is remarkable, and worthy of the closest inspection.Their texture, designs, and symbolism show the greatest patience and thought.