Turkish Rugs. Beauty From Anatolia

Do you know Bill Clinton, prince of Japan and many famous people have Turkish Rugs in their house? I also have oriental carpets in my house.If you want to have one you should know important tips before you buy.
Why Turkish Rugs?

This question have many answers for different people.Here is my answer.

*High quality

*Geometry and Patterns

*Classy and Fashion


*Natural Material

*Natural Dyes

*Useful and Functional

*Valuable forever

High Quality

Evaluating Oriental Carpets is an easy process when you learn the basics and by doing practices.You already know how to determine if a rug is handmade in Persian Rugs .

Turn the rug upside down and look at the back.The more distinctly the design shows on the back, greater the number of knots, the better the quality of the rug.In other words, the greater the number of hand-tied knots per square inch (KPSI) the finer the piece: 150 knots per square inch is average;”fine” rugs may have a knot count of 500 or more.

Typically, higher knot counts are found in rugs with which have floral or curvilinear patterns. The higher knot count allows leaves, flowers and curvilinear patterns to be woven in a complex manner and the curves to be formed more elagance and beauty.

As the geometric shapes tend to have straight lines and angles, rugs with geometric patterns do not require many knots per square inch. Pattern type and desired design assigns the knot size. The knots size do not determine the quality of the oriental rug by itself!

A higher knot count rug is often more expensive than a lower knot count rug because weave is finer and more time has been spent on the rug.On the other hand, a rug of different origin and different design may be more expensive, even though it has a lower knot count.

Keep in mind that knot count is only one measure of a rug’s quality! Also beware on judging rugs on knots per square inch, because some dealers may inflate the knot size. Don’t get trapped. You can easily measure it. Ask them to do it!

Most of the Turkish Rugs such as Hereke Pure Silk Rugs and Kayseri Silk Carpets have500 KPSI.You will be impressed by the details of these FINE rugs.

Geometry and Patterns

Since a carpet is more of a work of art, each design has a deeper meaning. A carpet is more likely to a poem; neither can tolerate any extra element which does not contribute to its wholeness and value.

Therefore, just like in a poem, each pattern of a carpet is like each verse of a poem.It is chosen for its beauty and motifs are carefully arranged to form rhymes of fascinating Turkish Carpets.

Motifs in Turkish rugs are a complete language. They are very interesting fact about Turkish Rugs. They are the expressions of the weaver who are generallywomen.

In general same regions have same motifs. It is like people talking same language. Motifs depend on the period which they belong in history and the place where they live. They are live words.

There are also other Turkish Tribal rugs such as Caucasian Rugs and Turkmen Rugs with more geometrical designs.

For many centuries, Weaving rugs have been a way for Anatolian women to express their feelings wishes,interests,fears, fidelity and love in an authentic way. Even so, Most of the motifs change from region to region; geometric designs, the central medallion design,tree of life, the prayer niches in Prayer Rugs.

If you want to learn more about the meanings of the motifs and understand what Anatolian women wants to tell us see the Oriental Rug Patterns and Symbols.

Classy and Fashion

It looks so impressive isn’t it? This is a rug in Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul.Turkish rugs are indispensable choice of Palace Carpets

If you are a person who loves to travel a lot as me, you will see these beautiful rugs in most of the palaces around the world.I feel so privilege when i see myself having the same taste as kings used to have. Ottoman Sultan’s were sending Turkish rugs to other kings as a local gift.

Marco Polo, during his journey through Seljuk lands towards the end of the 13C reported that the best and finest carpets were produced in Konya, Turkey.

Most of the celebrities, presidents and people who has good taste like me choose to have Turkish Rugs in places where they live.Oriental Rugs are always on fashion.


Turkish Rugs can be great investment for future.You can sell your handmade silk rug and make profit over it. Antique Oriental Rugs are so valuable.
There are many antique oriental rugs that you can’t price them.A few decades later your rugs can make lots of money than you can ever imagine.Its similar to wine. It gets more valuable after years pass.

Silk rugs gets more shinny and brighter after years.They will remain in good condition because of the natural materials.This makes them as an income generator.

Natural Material

This is one of the most important criteria of determining value of Turkish Rugs. We can categorize Turkish Carpets by materials used as
Turkish Silk Rug

Turkish Wool Rug

Natural materials are more durable than synthetic materials.They can last for years.

Silk has a very high tensile strength and can be twisted very finely, plus it is quite resistant.

The finest silk comes from the first part of the amazingly long single thread with witch silk warm spins its cocoons. When unrolled, the thread from one silk cocoon can stretch up to 25,000 meters.

The quality of wool varies according to the climate, the breed of sheep, and the time of year of the shearing. Wool from sheep that live in warm and arid regions is normally dry and brittle, and since it breaks so easily, it ends up being short and feels lifeless.

Good quality wool comes from healthy and well fed sheep found in cold regions or at high elevations with good grazing lands and lots of water.

In Turkish Kilim Rug weaving, cotton is used mostly for the warp threads, as well as for the wefts.Compared to wool, cotton is generally considered to be a more resistant fiber and it is less elastic.

So, tighter knots can be tied on cotton warps as opposed to wool.If very tight knot are tied to a wool warp, the fiber will break much more frequently than if the warps were of cotton.

Natural Dyes

Dyes extracted from flowers, roots and insects are used in Turkish Rugs. The use of vegetables, roots and other natural items to make dyes has been a well known art for many thousands of years.

this ancient practice continued unchanged and untouched in Anatolia. If you visit Cappadocia you will see woman making natural dyes.

Natural Dyes are so much better than synthetics. They will not change for years.In direct sunlight synthetic dyes will change their color while natural dyes get brighter and more beautiful.

When you drag a coin to a rug synthetic dyes will come off from carpet.Natural dyes don’t come off from carpet.If you look closer to the rug, deeper parts have the same color if it is natural.

Now go and check your synthetic dyed rug and look at the inner sides.You will see that the colors are different from the surface.Natural dyes are durable and don’t change for hundreds of years.

Useful and Functional

To understand how valuable Turkish carpets are, it is better to go back to their origin.

For a nomad who lived in a tent, home was a simple place; a combination of walls, roof and floor. The floor was not usually an elaborate structure, just a simple carpet laid directly onto the earth.

The carpet was a bug-excluder, soil leveler, temperature controller and comfort provider all in one.why not for you?

Turkish Rugs are anti bacterial because of Natural materials used.It keeps your feet warm in cold days.If you have a baby, it is an amazing dream park for their games.

When i was a baby, i remember myself playing with my cars and making up stories from the motifs on the carpets in our house. They were my parking lots, highways, stores and many other stories while i was playing on them.

It is also healthy for your babies and pets.This is an important point when you consider how much time they spend on carpets.

Valuable Forever

As a Conclusion, Turkish Rugs become more valuable as long as you use them and never lose it.I am using Turkish Carpets in my house and i advise everyone to have at least one of these classy carpets.

It will definitely change the feeling of your room. You can see some samples of Turkish Kilim Rug and Turkish prayer rug.

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