Rare Antique Rugs

Like a lot of other masterpieces, many of rare antique rugs have now disappeared form the open market into museums and private collections around the world. Large numbers have been bought by the countries in which they were woven to preserve examples of their national heritage.

For the same reason, many governments have introduced laws prohibiting antiques from leaving the country. Even so, it is still possible to buy good handmade antique rugs at prices that are not too astronomical.

Among the best buys are:

* Baluchis (Persian) – nomadic, often prayer rugs

* Bokharas (Turkoman) – seminomadic

* Hamadans (Persian) – village

* Kilims (Afghanistan, Persian, Russian, Turkish)

* Mongolian Rugs

* Tibetan Rugs

* Various tent bags, saddlebags, camel and horse trappings, etc.

Generally, these rare antique rugs are all small sizes, which also helps to keep their prices reasonable.

Handmade antique rugs can never become extinct, for one key reason. Year by year, antiques are grown. The 80 and 90 year old rugs of the 1970s become the antiques of 80s and 90s. So why not grow your own antiques, have fun doing so and save money at the same time?

Every now and then articles are written exalting rare antique rugs as being the only ones worth buying. I find it hard to understand such a narrow viewpoint and i suspect that is due to 2 things:

Firstly, ignorance of the existence of the lovely top quality new rugs which will certainly become the antiques of the furniture.

Secondly, in the case of a few retail stores, price.The prices of the new rugs are relatively easy for the client to check up on in other stores.

Finally, it is worth remembering that oriental rugs are works of art. Posters are designed to have an instant appeal. Fine paintings, on the other hand, need time to be fully appreciated.

In the same way, the longer you look at good rugs, the more you will see in them and the more beautiful and meaningful they will become for you. This is true whether the rug is one year or one hundred years old. 

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