Round Persian Rug

Round Persian rugs are a fairly new phenomenon and they have become much more common in the last 20 years or so. They have several designs and it is not so easy to find a real hand knotted round rug. Because it is not so easy to wove these kind of rugs their shape does not allow weavers to wove.round persian rug

Weaving a round rug is extremely difficult and only a small percentage of weavers have mastered this skill. As a result, these carpets tend to be be of a high end quality and they are more expensivethan ordinary Persian rugs with one notable exception being the round Nain rugs.

On the other hand, Qom rugs and Tabriz rugs are almost always of a high end quality and it is virtually impossible to find them with a low quality.

There are some examples of round Persian rugs and their pictures..

round persian rug

Large pure Qum rug with a geometric design called Gombad or Gombardeh. Round Persian rugs are rare and to round pure silk oriental carpets are extremely hard to find and are very valuable. This type of a Qum Persian rug often has over 700 kpsi and it made of the finest pure silk making it one of the most valuable oriental carpets. Most people would like to buy Qum oriental rugs for floors, but are also used for hanging on walls

round persian rugLarge Tabriz with a geometric design called Gombad, which is among the most popular ones in Persian carpets. Many of the these rugs have sold very quickly and even though the vast majority of large carpets are 7 inch in diameter.

round persian rugOne of the most unique Nain Persian rugs is this large Nain oriental carpet with a rare design and a 9lah quality. these Nain rugs are very hard to find and the high end Nain carpets are rarely ever around. In fact this is the first time that i was able to find a decent Nain in this large size and unique design,also i should say that it is easier to find regular Nain rugs.


round persian rug10` Tabriz with a silk foundation. Designed to be very durable and yet very luxurious, these Tabriz have large amount of silk added to their pile as well as a silk foundation, so they are definite showpieces. Typically, these rugs are not this large and to find round and oval carpets in this 8-10 foot size can be difficult. Another unique feature of this Tabriz carpet is the color combination, which brings out. 

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