Antique Caucasian Rug, Good Protected Ones

Antique Caucasian Rug.. where the tribes living on the mountainous isthmusbetween the Black and the Caspian Seas create the Antique Caucasian rugs.

These rugs are even more bold in design and color than the Turkish; possibly the mountain forms and the strong contrasts of snow and earth are reflected in them. Native designs have persisted unaffected by foreign influences.

Practically all the patterns are geometric, with the latch hook appearing in nearly all rugs. The Ghiordes knot, wool warp and woof, and the prayer-rug size are characteristics of these rugs.

There is almost no variation in the six colors that are used, but fortunately for the achievement of harmony, some one color always predominates in these rug and carpets.

caucasian map rug

The list of representative Caucasian rugs published by the trading corporation representing the Soviet Union is given here. Additional types of these oriental rugs are named by others, however.

1. Armenian (Kuba, Shirvan)

2. Kabistan (Shirvan, Kuba, Baku, Daghestan)

3. Karabagh

4. Kazak (Gandgea, Georgian)

5. Soumak-Kashmir

The Daghestans are especially good Caucasian rugs that are usually made in mosaic designs cleverly executed. The figures are often in the shape of diamonds, hexagons, small crosses, and hooks. Their close pile makes these rugs especially durable.

antique caucasian rug

Soviet Union Effect..

Before 1920s these regions became part of the Soviet Union and unfortunatelyweavers lost their independent figures, patterns and at that time Soviet Union government start to build new factories for the Caucasian rug weavers in order to produce oriental rugs as a commercial perspective.

Until that time weavers used to weave antique oriental rugs in their homes, and dyed with natural dyes.

For that reason Antique Caucasian rug which were weaved before 1920s are so valuable than which were produced after 1920sat that point if you really want to buy a valuable Caucasian carpet, first check its age, it gives you a good idea about that rug.

Practical Antique Caucasian Rug …

Before 1920s (these regions became part of the Soviet Union) Antique Caucasian rugs are the practical antique rugs that most all collectors and every seeker of old rugs for the home is interested in.

It is age which produces that exquisite softness, mellowness and purity of tonewhich gives to these rugs their immeasurable superiority, from the point of view of artistic beauty, over the modern.

In Caucasian and Turkoman rugs, the semi old rug of exceptional quality is as good as the ancient rug because for centuries there have been scarcely any change in pattern or coloration.

Weavers of Caucasian carpets and rugs wove them for their own use without any idea of selling them. The rug was their floor, their bed, their dining room table, their door and often their partition between rooms.

The tent bag was their trunk and wardrobe, the pillow their suitcase, the saddlebag on donkey and camel practically their only means of transportation. Naturally they wove into the rugs objects associated with their daily lives and designs of religious significance.

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