Antique Oriental Rug. How to Evaluate Quality

In world of Antique Oriental Rug, “old” is relative.To the seller a rug is older, to the buyer the same rug is not so old.This situation comes about for 2 reasons.

Firstly, its virtually impossible to pinpoint the exact year in which a rug was made. Therefore, a range is more appropriate.
Secondly, all other things being equal, age means money.

Consequently many descriptive terms have evolved over years. Especially on the retail level. Today in a retail store, a rug’s age may be described along any of the lines of the following table:

Antique 50 years and older

Semi-Antique 30 to 99 years old

Old 20 to 99 years old

Semi-Old 10 to 50 years old

Used 1 to 10 years old

New 0 to 5 years old.

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