Persian Rugs. Mystery and Beaty in Your Home

Persian Rugs; are known as one of the oldest oriental rugs. According to many collectors these rugs are the finest oriental rugs, while for others including me as a Turkish Collector,it is Turkish Carpets.

Of course Persian’s amazing level of quality shows Persians are able to create the best carpets in the world, Definitely that creates the Persian Rug Value.

However, Do not act with that saying!! First evaluate if These carpets are really for you before buying one.!!

In this page i will give you inside information, things that you really do need to know, to guide you in the world of Persian ( Iranian ) rugs and carpets.

Handmade or Not? It is Time to TEST

persian rug-2

If you want to buy a valuable Persian Carpet, first of all, it must be handmade. Machine made rugs lacks originality, durability, charm and investment.

In other words a machine-made rug is not a real oriental rug. They are simply for covering floors.While it took at least 8 months to years for a handmade carpet to be made, it is minutes for a machine rug.

Of course you can also use a Persian carpet for covering in order to feel the endless joy, appreciate in valueand smell the authenticity..

In fact machine-made can cost initially less but you should also consider the investment opportunity when buying a one.

For instance you may sell your carpet after years and be sure that you can make much more profit than you think, because oriental carpets especially Persian carpets and rugs gets more valuable after years just like wine… 
handmade-2By now you know the big difference between a machine-made and a real Persian..

So.. How do you recognize the difference before buying..?

Don’t worry 🙂 i will can make a quick test to see if a rug is handmade or not,turn it upside down and look at the back if you can not see the pattern as clearly as on the face, i am sorry the rug is not handmade.

if the rug passes the first step, then you should bend it back on itself to expose the roots of the pile, at the base of the tufts if you can see rows of knots congratulations!! The rug which you are about to buy is handmade

keep in mind: This test also gives you an indication of quality, the more distinctly the design, the better the quality of the rug 😉

you can go to a store gallery and test by yourself or you can buy online and when you receive the rug you can test at home more deeply, because most of the retailer who sell online have minimum 30 days back guarantee after the sale

So.. How Persian Rugs Are Made?


All oriental rug weavers simply use similar methods and materials, they all require long hours of work. There are simply two kinds of weaving or you can say two kind of knots.

Persian carpets are made by Persian Senneh knot which is a single knot. It is made by passing the woolen strand under one warp, then over and around the next.

This knot can be made to face to the left or right so that the lie of the pile can be in either direction.

So what ? The single strand of the Persian Senneh knot allows for more flowing outlines and apparently finer work simply because these knots occupy less space.

hand weaved


Most of the oriental carpets generally are made from 5 basic materials. Wool, cotton, silk, jute and animal hair. There are also some kind of variations of these materials. Wool woven onto cotton is most often used in a rug, especially in stores you can find easily. 

Wool Persian rug

wool rug

If you want to buy a wool rug, first you should check the quality of the wool whether it is good or bad

So.. how do you test this? how do you evaluate if the wool is good or bad..

ok!! i explain this topic much more deeply and clearly in Persian wool carpets.because this is really an important point if you decided to buy a wool Persian carpet.

Persian silk rug

Abrisham (means silk in Iranian) is one of the strongest natural substances and originally came from China also being produced in Persia, finding good silk rugs is more difficult than finding good wool rugs. If you are looking for a real good silk, i also advise you to check Silk Turkish Carpets.

Why is that?? is it rare? no i don’t think so, but a silk persian carpet costs so much for a retailer thus they hesitate to carry them in their inventory. however, you can find some other variations of silk rugs in stores. silk rug
Is that enough about silk Persian carpets ?

of course not!!

If you would like to know more.. then click Persian silk rugs. i contemplate to make a page about that topic just because of its importance 😉

Cotton Persian Rug

Cotton has numerous advantages as a basic material:So what is the advantage of cotton?

  • strong
  • doesn’t lose its shape
  • allows fine weaving
  • can be spun into strands sufficiently thinHowever, it is predisposed to mildew. You can find some other variations in cotton Persian rug..

    From Persia to the world…

    One of the fascinating aspect of reading oriental rugs is discovering the meanings behind their designs. The history was recorded in the rugs they wove:

  • battles won and lost
  • important leaders
  • religion
  • superstitions
  • tragic love stories..

    Over four thousand types of carpets produced in red persian rugPersia. Most of them have relative design like curvilinear, rectilinear, flowers, animals and birds in a variety of colors.Red is a popular color of an oriental Persian rug, used in every shade from cherry through scarlet to soft coral.

Blues are also widely used in oriental carpets, especially the very deep indigo blue that appears so often as the background color.

perhaps the best known Persian carpet design is that of the prayer arch, which is used in all Persian prayer rugs.

persian prayer rugOftentimes, a rug is used to create the color scheme of a room.

In Persian carpets, the tree of life represents eternal life this design not only used in prayer rugs also used in other Persian rugs. This design mainly occurs in Persia, especially in the towns of Isfahan, Qum and Tabriz where they produce remarkably lifelike trees.

Here are some other designs and their meanings

*The vase of immortality-shape of vase

*Weeping-willow design stands for sorrow and death

*Garden of paradise design have a medallion at the center with a flower-filled forest around it.

The center point the medallion also represents the eye of an all-seeing deity. It is believed that the design is based on the lotus flower which has always been regarded as scared, growing as it does with its roots in rank mud and its blossom turned to heaven.

Even i have explained a lot of things, Persian rugs’ world is sooo big..There are lots of geometric design, patterns, colors, sizes and others.. here are some other informations pages for you, if you need 🙂

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Is It Really Good For You ?

persian rug I love these carpets, it changes the atmosphere of a room. Honestly a high quality Persian rug can be over your budget, especially if it is a silk one.However when you consider durability charm and investment, it is worth to buy one.

While many expensive Persian rugs are in the market, it is still easy to find a high quality Persian rug that fits your budget and still they look beautiful.

When you buy a carpet don’t forget to see shape and size of the rug which you want to have in your home.

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