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How Do You Prevent Your Oriental Persian Rug From Damage?

Sometimes, our rugs can still gain damage even if we clean it properly. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if we use good cleaners such as Dyson vacuum cleaners. Damaging our rugs can sometimes be inevitable. Our rugs are made of very fine fabric that can be sensitive to wear and tear. There will come a time that our rugs’ quality will degrade because of aging. What we can do is delay the aging of our rugs by applying some of the techniques that you’ll read in the next paragraphs.

A rug adds warmth and beauty to any home-so protect that beautiful rug of yours from damage. The difference between a rug and a carpet is that a carpet is attached to the floor, as in wall-to-wall carpeting; while a rug is usually used as an accent piece. Rugs can be handmade, contemporary or antique. Protect your investment and stop the damage before it starts, in other words care your Persian rug.

Steps * Persian Rug Care *

1Step One

First, for your Persian rug care, Stop sun damage and keep your rug out of direct sunlight. Sunlight damages the rug by causing it to fade or become lighter where the sun hits it. This is especially true of antique rugs or those with natural substances used for colors.

2Step Two

Second, for your Persian rug care , Rotate your rug frequently if it is in the direct sun; rotate at least once a month. The rug will fade, but it will be uniform in color. If your rug is not in direct sunlight, rotate it at least four times a year. A good way to remember to rotate your rug is the change of seasons.

3Step Three

Third for your Persian rug care , Vary the pathways on your Persian rug. When furniture is placed on the rug, it creates a natural pathway that is used frequently. Move the furniture on the rug so walkways are changed. This will stop the damage of a wear pattern in just one place.

4Step Four

Fourth, For your Persian rug care , Flip the rug end over end to straighten any twisted fringe. Do not comb the fringe as the natural fibers can become damaged. Flipping the rug end over end is done by grabbing one end of the carpet and walking it to the other end. The rug will then be upside down and the fringe will straighten out. Shake the rug gently to help straighten fringe.

5Step Five

Fifth, for your Persian rug care , Vacuum your rug regularly to keep it clean. Vacuuming will also keep the natural fibers from becoming packed down. If you have an old, antique or expensive rug you may want to turn off the beater bar of your vacuum. The beater bar can grab loose fibers, which can cause a run or tear. If you have a threadbare spot on the rug, a beater bar can also make the damage worse.

6Step Six

Sixth, for your Persian rug care , clean all spills immediately. Do not use soap or bleach on your valuable Persian rug to clean it. First, absorb the spill with paper towels by gently daubing it from the end of the spill towards the center; this will keep the spill from spreading. Place paper towels under the spill to stop further damage to the backing. Use only water to clean spills on a valuable or antique Persian rug ; call a professional who has experience if the stain cannot be removed.

How Do You Care for Persian Antique Rugs?

Genuine, handmade Oriental rugs require special care and cleaning to maintain their beauty, originality, quality and worth. This is particularly true with antique Oriental rugs, which are extremely susceptible to damage by vacuuming and other cleaning methods. By vacuuming your Oriental rug carefully following these steps, you preserve its appearance and longevity.

1Step One

Place a plastic carpet pad or cushion underneath your antique rug. Carpet pads help protect antique rugs from wear, tear and fading.

2Step Two

Vacuum both sides of your antique rug. Push and pull the vacuum over every spot on the antique rug except its fringes. Make sure you use enough vacuum force to clean the rug but not so much that the machine damages the rug. If you must use a beater brush on your antique rug, adjust it so that it has as little contact with the rug as possible.

3Step Three

Clean up accidental spills as soon as they occur. Most spills can be handled with a spotless Turkish towel, club soda and some blotting.

4Step Four

Repair your antique rug as necessary. Insects like moths and carpet beetles pose a threat to an antique rug’s appearance as much as common wear and tear does. If an antique rug shows signs of insect damage or infestation, take the rug in for an immediate deep-cleaning and spray your home for any remaining insects while it is being cleaned.

5Step Five

Turn over your antique rug every year. Exposing both sides to traffic and use helps keep your antique rug viable longer. Use wear and daylight exposure as guides to help you determine when to turn over your rug; if your antique rug undergoes more wear and daylight exposure than usual, consider turning it over sooner.

6Step Six

Exercise caution when allowing pets or small children around an antique rug. Pets should be house trained and children’s activities should be monitored to avoid accidental damage.

7Step Seven

Keep your antique rug dry. Moisture and wetness can permanently damage a rug. If your rug gets wet, take immediate action to dry the rug with a fan or a wet vacuum. Reduce water threats around your antique rug. Move drinks and plant pots away from antique rugs and lay your antique rug away from plumbing pipes.


Take your antique Persian rugs to a professional antique Persian rug care specialists to have it re-fringed, over-rounded or rewoven. Deep-cleaning can also be completed at these specialists’ establishments. Do not attempt to deep-clean an antique rug on your own or have it deep-cleaned by someone who is not professionally trained to handle antique rugs.

How Do You Vacuum your Persian Rug

Things you will need..

Vacuum nozzle attachment

Vacuum brush attachment


1Step One

Use your vacuum’s nozzle with an attached brush to vacuum your Oriental rug for regular cleaning. This technique is the ideal way to vacuum an Oriental rug.

2Step Two

Move the brush in one direction slowly with the grain of the rug. A back and forth motion potentially damages the rug’s sheen.

3Step Three

Vacuum over the rug and the fringe in the same direction. Then lift the nozzle back onto the rug and continue vacuuming over the next section of fringe. If you move the nozzle brush back and forth over the fringe, you could tangle it or break it off.

4Step Four

Set a vacuum with a power brush or beater bar to the highest setting if using a nozzle isn’t possible. Setting your upright’s power brush to this setting means the brush is the furthest from the top of the rug’s pile, so that it’s just touching the top of the rug.

5Step Five

Run your power brush vacuum very lightly over the rug, so as to avoid a raking effect. Use the power brush as infrequently as possible, steering clear of the fringe.

Tip..Vacuum the back of the rug once a month to preserve its quality.

Warning.. Do not run a vacuum with a power or beater brush over fringes. The power brush shreds the fringes, as they get sucked up and chewed up by the rotating brush.

*Quick Tips.. for Persian Rug Care

-Vacuum rugs regularly.

-Remove spots and stains immediately.

-Stroke the rug fibers with a hairbrush or lift with fingers gently to lift pile.

-Hang rugs outside once a month, and shake or beat out dust and dirt using a carpet beater.

-Have rugs professionally cleaned once a year

!!!It is an important point for Persian rug care or for any Oriental rug care. Moths and carpet beetles can destroy an Oriental Persian Rug. Check the edges and area of your rug under furniture for any infestation. Act immediately if you see any bugs or eggs. You will probably need to have your entire house sprayed and all wool rugs cleaned. Check your wool clothes if there is a problem. 

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